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NFL Power Rankings

2016 Week 13 NFL Power Rankings – 12/06/16:



1- Dallas Cowboys 11-1
Vikings D gave them a test but again they won.

2- New England Patriots  10-2

Did they have a bye week this weekend?

3- Oakland Raiders 10-2
Keep thinking they are going to lose but they don’t and have a huge one Thursday.

4- Kansas City Chiefs 9-3

Speaking of Thursday…Eric Berry is a great story.

5- Seattle Seahawks 7-4-1
Complete pounding but huge loss with Earl Thomas’ broken leg.

6- Detroit Lions 8-4
I said this team would surprise in week one.

7- Denver Broncos  8-4
Got a break with Lynch having to make a spot start against Bortles and the Jags offense.

8- Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5
Setting up for a big rematch with the Ravens.

9- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-5
Bucs continue hot streak and now are legit contenders for the South.

10- Baltimore Ravens 7-5
Most impressive win of the week.

11- New York Giants 8-4

Telling you all that this team ends up 9-7.

12- Washington Redskins 6-5-1
Got to win that game Sunday…wonder if they know to key on David Johnson yet?

13- Atlanta Falcons 7-5
Team does not fail to let down the week after a big win.

14- Buffalo Bills 6-6
They had the Raiders on the ropes and let they get away Sunday.

15- Miami Dolphins 7-5
I think it is simple…a good defense will handle the Dolphins.

16-Tennessee Titans 6-6
I really hope these guys win the AFC South.

17-Indianapolis Colts 6-6
These guys probably win the AFC South.

18- Minnesota Vikings 6-6

It is just sad to watch the Vikings play offense.  I have to pass on a Zimmer eye joke.

19- Green Bay Packers 6-6
I guess the Packers aren’t coffin ready yet.

20- Arizona Cardinals 5-6-1
Staying alive with a big win thanks to who else…David Johnson.

21- New Orleans Saints 5-7
Probably history now even in the NFC South.

22- Houston Texans 6-6
Snow really brought down the high powered Texans passing game.

23- San Diego Chargers 5-7
Don’t know what to think of this team now.

24- Cincinnati Bengals 4-7-1
Tough season had a bright spot Sunday.

25- Philadelphia Eagles 5-7
Should we have chased off Chip Kelly so soon?

26- Chicago Bears 3-9
Jordan Howard is having a nice rookie season.

27- Carolina Panthers 4-8
Just a flat out beatdown.  Ties on or ties off.

28- St Louis Rams 4-8
Mark my words.  Fisher will get fired.  I don’t care he got this extension.

28- New York Jets 3-9
That kind of loss makes a team look at big changes come January.

29- Jacksonville Jaguars 2-10

They tried but again Bortles, pick 6, loss.  Sounds familiar.

30-San Francisco 49ers 1-11
Kaepernick would have been better off never getting up from his kneel.

32- Cleveland Browns 0-12

Good news- No loss….  Bad News- Griffin III circus is back.


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