My Thoughts on the New York Mets Offseason

February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

As a sports fan, you are never happy when your favorite team trades away your best player. The Mets this off season, traded away  CY Young Award Winner and knuckle baller R.A DIckey to  the Blue Jays. I understand the Mets fans being upset about losing him, but they have to realize they get a lot more in return for the future.

For example, they now have their franchise catcher in place in Travis d'Arnaud. Many people believe he can mean as much to this organization as Mike Piazza did. If that is the case, then they will look like geniuses. I am not sold on Dickey yet. He is 38 years old and only has had 3 good seasons. Do not forget they also got pitching prospect Noah Syndergaad. He is a few years away from cracking their rotation though.

A big thing Mets fans have to be happy about is  resigning franchise third basemen David Wright to an extension This is the move they had to make to keep some fans in the stadium. Mets fans also have to give this team credit for letting Jose Reyes walk. They look smart for that move when I and most people thought they were dumb.

Mets were also smart to buy out Jason Bay. That was a disaster of a marriage. I was not happy with the move of them letting Mike Pelfrey go. He is a solid middle of the rotation guy. Losing Scott Hairston to the Cubs will hurt a lot too after he had a career year. I was shocked when the Cubs swooped in and got him. I thought he was a lock to resign.

So the Mets lost a lot, and gained a little. The bright side is they are getting younger but right now I do not see them coming close to competing with the Nationals, Braves or even the Phillies. I think them and the Marlins will be battling for last place. They do have some good pitchers. Johan Santana when he is healthy is a true Ace. I am also a fan of Niese and Gee. I think Marcum will be a good short term option as well. I also like what they did with their bullpen. Especially some of the guys they got in minor league contracts like Scott Atchison, Latroy Hawkins, and lefties Tim Byrdak (re-signed), Pedro Feliciano, and Aaron Laffey. I expect that to be a good spring training competition.

They still have some pop in their lineup with Wright, Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, and Luca Duda. Besides that, other players have to step up and prove themselves. I like Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Justin Turners (although he is 28) potential. I think Marlon Byrd who signed a minor league deal will make the team as well.

One thing is for certain, pitchers and catchers have reported. Time to put the speculation and opinions aside, and see what the players do on the field.



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