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2017 MLB Weekly Power Rankings

By John Manuel:

MLB Power Rankings – 8/18/17

1- LA Dodgers
Still over .700 ball is incredible

2- Houston Astros
Can they make another move by end of month?

3- Washington Nationals
I was sure Harper tore his ACL, happily wrong

4- Boston Red Sox
Sale for MVP? Looking possible

5- Cleveland Indians
Jay Bruce will help

6- Colorado Rockies
NL race is real good

7- Arizona Diamondbacks
Letting other teams in on wildcard

8- Chicago Cubs
Is now the time for them to get it going?

9- New York Yankees
Made moves so better grab WC spot

10- LA Angels
Got them as the big movers

11- St Louis Cardinals
The other big movers this week

12- Kansas City Royals
Keeping some heat on Indians

13- Milwaukee Brewers
Hanging in it still

14- Minnesota Twins
Big sellers but staying in somehow

15- Baltimore Orioles
Beckham in MVP race?

16- Tampa Bay Rays
Tough play as of late

17- Seattle Mariners
Slipping away in the WC race

18- Pittsburgh Pirates
Its Steeler season

19- Miami Marlins
Stanton on a homer tear

20- Toronto Blue Jays
Thought they would be players again

21- Texas Rangers
Forgotten since the deadline

22- Detroit Tigers
Verlander still there?

23- NY Mets
Awful season for NY

24- Oakland A’s
Money ball working still?

25- San Diego Padres
No NFL and no real MLB team now

26- Cincinnati Reds
Votto vs the 4 outfielders was interesting

27- Chicago White Sox
Already in rebuild

28- San Francisco Giants
Still bad

29- Philadelphia Phillies
Still the worst