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2016 MLB Weekly Power Rankings

By John Manuel:

MLB Power Rankings – 5/23/17:

1- Houston Astros
Keeping them at the top for week 2.

2- Colorado Rockies
Who figured this?

3- Washington Nationals
Tough time with the ATL though this week.

4- New York Yankees
Way too much ESPN coverage of Jeter.

5- Milwaukee Brewers
No one could have seen this.

6- Baltimore Orioles
Pitching starting to be an issue though.

7- St Louis Cardinals
Back up at the top of the Central.

8- Cleveland Indians
Its still Cavs season.

9- Arizona Diamondbacks
Leading the wildcard.

10- Minnesota Twins
Did anyone have Twins or BrewCrew in top 10?

11- LA Dodgers
I saw Adrian Gonzalez no HR’s in close to 100 ABs.

12- Cincinnati Reds
Good to see the Reds back from the dead of ‘16.

13- Chicago Cubs
A better week for the champs.

14- Texas Rangers
Won 9 of last 10.

15- Detroit Tigers
I gave up on Justin Upton but 8 HR’s ain’t bad.

16- Boston Red Sox
Farrell has to be feeling some heat.

17- LA Angels
Trout still being Trout.

18- Seattle Mariners
Another team from the West trying to catch Astros.

19- Chicago White Sox
A lot less names and slightly better play.

20- Tampa Bay Rays
Back to .500.

21- Toronto Blue Jays
Horrible start but better play now.

22- San Francisco Giants
They have to being on the move.

23- NY Mets
Too much dealing with Harvey.

24- Atlanta Braves
Good weekend with the Nats move them up.

25- Pittsburgh Pirates
It is still Pens season unfortunately.

26- Oakland A’s
The month game pass is sweet.

27- Kansas City Royals
Sweep of O’s is a start.

28- Philadelphia Phillies
Hoped for a change but still near bottom.

29- Miami Marlins
Almost the worst.

30- San Diego Padres
The worst. Just bad.