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2017 MLB Weekly Power Rankings

By John Manuel:

MLB Power Rankings – 06/22/17


1- Houston Astros
Still the top dogs.

2- LA Dodgers
Have moved up each week.

3- Colorado Rockies
Good battle with Dodgers.

4- Arizona Diamondbacks
NL West domination.

5- Washington Nationals
Just waiting for that pen move.

6- Boston Red Sox
Expect to put some distance now in the division.

7- Cleveland Indians
Like Red Sox making move.

8- New York Yankees
Solid losing streak crushed them.

9- Tampa Bay Rays
Now 3 over .500.

10- Minnesota Twins
Overtaken but still WC contender.

11- Milwaukee Brewers
Back in first I see.

12- Chicago Cubs
Still waiting to see them make move.

13- Kansas City Royals
Biggest jumper.

14- Seattle Mariners
Got a feeling they get WC2.

15- LA Angels
Remember when they were a big dollar team near the top?

16- Baltimore Orioles
Crazy they can’t give up less than 5.

17- Texas Rangers
Sticking around and should all season.

18- St Louis Cardinals
Sliding out of it.

19- Toronto Blue Jays
Just in a tough division.

20- Detroit Tigers
AL Central is a battle to stay over .500.

21- Pittsburgh Pirates
Still showing some life.

22- Atlanta Braves
Braves got a weird mix.

23- Miami Marlins
Continue to play better.

24- NY Mets
Had a chance but got worked by Nats.

25- Chicago White Sox
A lot less names and slightly better play.

26- Cincinnati Reds
1-9 week may be the end.

27- San Diego Padres
Should have popped Rizzo.

28- Oakland A’s
AL Worst but better.

29- San Francisco Giants
Biggest disappointment.

30- Philadelphia Phillies
Still the worst.