Analyzing Super Bowl match-up (9 posts)

  • Profile picture of Steve Shoup Steve Shoup said 2 years ago:

    So the Super Bowl is set for the Bro Bowl of 49ers vs. Ravens. Besides the obvious brother vs. brother storyline, what other storylines are most interesting and should we analyze next 2 weeks?

  • Profile picture of Willypops Willypops said 2 years ago:

    Just so it’s not the “Canonization of Ray Lewis” story. We will see enough of those as it is. Now the big story line to follow is whether the New Orleans Police Department plans to put Lewis under surveillance should the Ravens win the Super Bowl?? Better yet, maybe the NFL Network could have a camera crew on him the entire time he is in New Orleans – could make for some interesting reality TV!!

  • Profile picture of Jason Unger Jason Unger said 2 years ago:

    Honestly, I’m more worried about the matchups for the Ravens when facing the 49ers than I was with any of the other teams so far. The Colts, Broncos and Pats have all been traditional pocket passing quarterbacks – something the Ravens have been able to handle really well.

    San Francisco is way more mobile, and Kaepernick is a huge threat.

    You probably look back to when the Ravens played the Redskins and faced RGIII for the most comparable matchup. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I remember the Ravens kept RGIII from running too much before he injured himself.

    But it’s a huge threat and they’ll have to prepare accordingly.

  • Profile picture of Megan Shoup Megan Shoup said 2 years ago:

    I heard an analyst say they should focus on tape from that Redskins game and how to improve that. I still think Ravens will win..Kap has only started a handful of games and you also have an offense to answer as well.

  • Profile picture of John Manuel John Manuel said 2 years ago:

    I think that John Harbaugh is a great coach but Jim Harbaugh is the best right now. And Flacco has been great the past few weeks but Kaepernick has been ever better. I see it this way throughout and the Niners win but I could be wrong. And maybe my judgement swayed because I am sick of seeing the Ray Lewis acting and can’t take two more weeks of it. It reached a new level with the full-out crying during the anthem. I think he is the best linebacker of all time but its gotten ridiculous….I believe…I really believe that god has given me the opportunity to express these thoughts. Sorry had to do it.

  • Profile picture of Megan Shoup Megan Shoup said 2 years ago:

    Haha…nice Lewis impression! His crying during the national anthem did hit new level…even Ravens fans must have either laughed or been like “C’mon man!”
    What an emotional guy!

  • Profile picture of Matt Pearce Matt Pearce said 2 years ago:

    I think the experience that Ray will bring will be huge. Also, I think Kaepernick could have some trouble running because the Ravens did do pretty good against RG3. An under the radar story line is about Ed Reed. He grew up in NO area and if the Ravens win I see him retiring.

  • Profile picture of Anthony Anthony said 2 years ago:

    I was begging Ray to stop embarrassing himself and Baltimore just about every time the camera was on him and he wasn’t playing. When he started taking his clothes off with like 5 minutes left in the game, I thought he was about to really lose it.

    About the SUPERBOWL (God I love that word right now), I think we will be ok. I expect the defense to stuff Tyrod Taylor for 2 weeks in preparation, much like we did with RG3 and Vick (both losses, I know). I certainly could be wrong, but after the nearly-impossible path we’ve taken, I don’t think we are going to fall to the 49ers. Our best chance at losing would be to not take them seriously, but it’s the superbowl for pete’s sake. I say we win by 8 points. I’ve knocked on my wooden desk five times while typing this.

  • Profile picture of Megan Shoup Megan Shoup said 2 years ago:

    Anthony…haha on Lewis and knocking on your desk 8 times. But I agree with you…I think John is going to best Jim by about 8-10 points.