Pay the Man His Money! (4 posts)

  • Profile picture of Jason Unger Jason Unger said 2 years ago:

    If there’s anything we can all agree on after Saturday’s performance against the Broncos, it’s that Flacco is the QB of the Ravens for now and for the future.

    We’re all befuddled during the season when his play is inconsistent, but the guy steps up in the playoffs like I’ve never seen before. This is where he earns everything he should be getting in his new contract this offseason – and barring a complete meltdown this Sunday in Foxborough, the Ravens need to be prepared to pay him his money!

  • Profile picture of Megan Shoup Megan Shoup said 2 years ago:

    Agreed. He may not be an elite QB…but he’s helped his team get to AFC Championship like what 4 times now?
    For his contract and image, it would really help if they finally make it to Super bowl though.
    But I remember in last year’s afc champ game, he almost had a game winning td pass or two that was dropped. Some of that is just dumb luck.

  • Profile picture of Steve Shoup Steve Shoup said 2 years ago:

    the problem is his agent says that Flacco is without a doubt a top 5 QB, which is tough sell b/c I think it is a stretch to say Flacco was a top 5 QB of these playoffs. Peyton, Ryan, Brady, Rodgers are no brainers ahead of him, and Shaub makes a strong case as well. That of course isn’t even counting Luck/Griffin/Wilson/Kaepernick

  • Profile picture of Jason Unger Jason Unger said 2 years ago:

    Great breakdown of the 70-yd TD and how Jacoby Jones burned the Denver secondary to make the catch:

    What exactly happened on the stunning reception, and who is to blame for the defensive lapse?

    There’s only one man to blame on this play, and it’s Rahim Moore.