Trade Ideas for the Wizards (4 posts)

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  • Profile picture of Steve Shoup Steve Shoup said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    There has been a lot of speculation about the Wizards making some trades before the deadline. While I’ve mentioned some ideas recently this new deal could make sense for the Wizards.

    The Trade: Washington sends Antwan Jamison, Earl Boykins, and Fabricio Oberto to the Miami Heat for Micheal Beasley Daequan Cook, Mario Chalmers, James Jones and a 2010 1st round pick (via Toronto)

    Why this works for Washington: Its been long assumed that Jamison would be dealt for an expiring contract (Big Z, T-Mac, Ray Allen) and possibly a young player with upside/ and or a draft pick. While this deal would be a different direction for the Wizards it would be the right one. Beasley hasn’t lived up to his billing yet, but he is only 21 years old and has shown a ton of promise and is the key to this deal. Chalmers has had a sophomore slump this season, but still could be a valuable NBA player. He’s a restricted free agent after this season, giving the Wizards plenty of control over him for a couple of years. Cook has been a bust so far in his career, but could be a nice relatively cheap asset on a Washington team desperate for back court help. He is under contract for only one more season and then is a restricted free agent. If he doesn’t improve any more, Washington can let him walk in a year. Jones is an athletic SF who is solid as a role player/backup but is overpaid in terms of years (4) and money ($4.3 million a year). But his contract for next season is only partially guaranteed, meaning the Wizards wouldn’t be on the hook for all of it. Washington would also benefit in two additional ways. The first round pick from Toronto is lottery protected, but I doubt the Raptors will finish in the lottery. The pick will probably fall in the mid-teens (quite a bit higher than a prospective pick from the Cavs which will probably be 29 or 30). Also though this deal won’t give the Wizards salary cap relief next season, it will eliminate a sizable chunk of their luxury tax debt this season, by using the Heat’s Marcus Banks trade exception that expires on Mon. Feb. 15th.

    Why this works for Miami: The Heat are struggling right now, and there is a serious concern that Dwayne Wade will bolt in free agency if the Heat don’t bring in a frontline player to play with him. The problem for the Heat is they don’t want to harm their salary cap situation to much for next season when they hope to be in play for one of the stars like LeBron or Chris Bosh. Adding Jamison would put the Heat into the playoff race this season, while having enough cap room to add a max player, plus some additional talent. It seems as though Beasley is alot for the Heat to give up for an aging player, but Jamison has shown no signs of declining. And the trade for Jamison won’t cut into their Cap room nearly as much as most quality veteran players on the trade market. Oberto and Boykins are just trade fodder for the Heat but help replace the losses in the deal.

    So should the Wizards make this deal?

  • Profile picture of geoffnelowet geoffnelowet said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    I would think the Wizards would do it in a second, but I don’t think the Heat would go for this. Would they really trade away premium young talent (via the 2nd overall pick) after only a season and a half for a player (Jamison) who wouldn’t even put them over the top? I’m not even sure Jamison would do more than solidify the Heat as a lower seed in the playoffs.

  • Profile picture of Steve Shoup Steve Shoup said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    I don’t think its an easy yes for the Heat, but Jamison (with this deal) would be revenue neutral for the Heat, if they were to acquire Amare or someone else it would cut into their ability to sign a max free agent like James. The other problem is most other teams wouldn’t want to take on Cook and James Jones since it would hurt their cap flexibility next season, so they’d want expiring deals. Which not only have value to the Heat to be one of the top teams in free agency, but also are good players for them down the stretch, guys like Richardson, Haslem, O’Neal and D. Wright are key to the Heat remaining competitive this season. I think in the end the Heat will do it to be a little better this season and set themselves up for next year. With Jamison I think they can manage a Max free agent and 1-2 lesser free agents. If they do an Amare deal they will likely be forced to settle for a 2nd tier FA like a Boozer. I think while they like Beasley they aren’t sold on the fact that Beasley alone is enough to make Wade want to stay, and Wade and Beasley might not be enough to make Jame or Bosh want to come.

  • Profile picture of geoffnelowet geoffnelowet said 4 years, 11 months ago:

    I can see Wade being more likely to re-sign with the Heat if they made this trade simply because they would be making moves and adding vets. From that standpoint I could understand the Heat making this trade. I guess I’m just so jaded by the Wizards’ failures that I can’t see any ex-Wizard helping any team ever, haha.