In defense of the offense (3 posts)

  • Profile picture of Anthony Anthony said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    As a Ravens fan, I’ve done more griping about Cam Cameron than most. I hate how he sometimes goes into games with an agenda, rather than a plan (“we simply MUST look exactly like the Saints/Packers/Patriots”). However, something interesting occurred yesterday.

    We shit the bed offensively; I think we had like 7 straight 3-and-outs. But (unfortunately), that is neither uncommon nor noteworthy. What I found interesting is that the run failed as well. I, like most of Baltimore, operate under the assumption that since we have the best fullback in the league, and a top-5 running back, a scoring drive is as simple as giving it to Ray Rice HELL of a lot more than we normally do. However, I sometimes need to remind myself how little I actually know about football, and that simplifying our offensive play-calling to a binary level (run = good, pass = bad), is as idiotic as I imagine Cam Cameron to be. After the game, Rice said that they stacked the box after the first two drives, and basically shut him down. And, we saw Cameron plugging away at the run, perhaps in part to make a point to frustrated fans like myself: it’s just not that freaking simple.

    The annoying truth is that even what I’m typing now is based off of what I managed to catch from my couch, plus one sound byte from one player after the game. I would love to either (a) have more information and general football knowledge, or (b) care a lot less than I do, but unfortunately I’m stuck in the middle. Like most fans, I know just enough to be frustrated and confused by my team.

  • Profile picture of Steve Shoup Steve Shoup said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    haha the problem with that is if they stack the box that is when you actually take shots down the field, not when both safeties are back. So basically cam Cameron has been wrong about this twice now haha

  • Profile picture of Anthony Anthony said 2 years, 2 months ago:

    That makes sense, Steve. But you take a shot when you’ve gained some yardage (like a second and two situation), not on first down or second and ten. Right? I guess no matter what you should play to the defense’s current weakness.