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NFL Offseason Roundup:

July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here is a quick look at some moves that every team has made thus far:

Arizona Cardinals: Signed G Daryn Colledge and TE Jeff King, Cut ILB Gerald Hayes, and are on the verge of trading CB Dominique Rodgers Cromartie for QB Kevin Kolb.

Adding two blockers and a QB are a good thing for the Cards, they still could use an upgrade or two along the offensive line, and need to add some defenders.

Atlanta Falcons: Resigned OLB Stephen Nicholas, no major cuts or trades or even losses yet.

Bringing back Nicholas was key, but they need to add some DL help, and most of the top guys are gone. They also need to resign or replace their 3 OL starters and markets appear to be heating up on them. Look for a couple cuts and restructures to clear some cap room for them to be active.

Baltimore Ravens: Re-signed G Marshal Yanda, Cut RB Willis McGahee, TE Todd Heap, NT Kelly Gregg, and WR Derrick Mason, Lost CB Josh Wilson in FA

Locking up Yanda was key, but missing out on Wilson does sting. The Ravens are apparently in the market for some big names, but nothing has really happened yet. I'd expect them to bring back at least Derrick Mason, but Gregg and Heap could return as well. They have 2 more OL men that could leave as well as FB McClain and SS Dwan Landry.

Buffalo Bills: Re-signed CB Drayton Florence, signed QB Tyler Thigpen, No major cuts/trades, lost LB Paul Posluszny

Keeping Florence was nice as was adding a quality backup in Thigpen. The Bills need to focus on locking up offensive linemen and inside linebackers.

Carolina Panthers: Re-signed RB DeAngelo Williams, DE Charles Johnson, OLB Thomas Davis, OLB James Anderson,signed K Orlando Mare and NT Ron Edwards. Cut K John Kasey, no major trades or losses

It is good that the Panthers inked a lot of their guys, but I think they could regret the Williams resigning. That is a lot of money to put in the RB position, one that the Panthers have pretty good depth at. They could still maybe use a WR as Steve Smith is likely to be traded, and more depth on defense wouldn't hurt either.

Chicago Bears: signed P Adam Podlesh, No other major news just yet

The Bears upgraded their ST unit, but they still need to focus on adding O-line and WR help on offense, and LB and safety help on defense.

Cincinnati Bengals: signed QB Bruce Gradkowski, No other major news yet

The Bengals are basically sitting on the sidelines right now as they refuse to enter into negotiations for trading Carson Palmer, and barely acknowledge that WR Chad Johnson is on the block. By holding on to two major trade chips the Bengals are really hurting themselves and are setting themselves up for a huge collapse this year.

Cleveland Browns: Cut Jake Delhomme

The Browns have been pretty quite so far, which seems surprising given the amount of money they have to spend.

Dallas Cowboys: Re-signed T Doug Free and G Kyle Kosier, Cut RT Mark Colombo, G Leonard Davis, RB Marion Barber, WR Roy Williams

While Dallas did a good job in resigning their two offensive linemen, it took quite a few cuts to allow them to do that. While they won't miss many of the players, Leonard Davis was a force on that offensive line. The Cowboys still need to address their defensive line and secondary, but probably can't afford to many top names.

Denver Broncos: Traded WR Jabar Gaffney for DL Jeremy Jarmon

The Broncos haven't been too active as of yet, but the pick up of Jarmon was nice. Look for them to trade QB Kyle Orton in the coming days and add a DT or two.

Detroit Lions: Re-signed DB Eric Wendling and Signed LB Justin Durant, Cut WR Bryant Johnson

The Lions are hunting around a number of big name LB's and CB's but have yet to land one yet. They also might look at adding a decent free agent OL as well.

Green Bay Packers: No major moves just yet

The Packers are expected to have a couple major losses, but they have been quite so far on the open market.

Houston Texans: Re-signed WR Jacoby Jones, QB Matt Leinart, and OT Rashad Butler

The Texans are still looking for CB and Safety help and are going after some of the biggest names.

Indianapolis Colts: Re-signed Adam Vinatieri

The Colts aren't going to have too much money to spend so I'd guess they will mainly sign 2nd and 3rd tier guys.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Signed MLB Paul Posluszney

Posluszney was a huge signing by the Jags and they look to add another big piece to their secondary.

Kansas City Chiefs: Signed WR Steve Breaston, lost NT Ron Edwards

The Chiefs have upgraded their offense, but they still need to find a NT.

Miami Dolphins: Traded for Reggie Bush

It is unclear what they gave up for him, but the Dolphins offense got more explosive. If they can now swing a deal for Kyle Orton, they could be pretty decent in the AFC East.

Minnesota Vikings: Traded for Donovan McNabb, lost WR Sidney Rice

The Vikings got a good buy low trade for McNabb, which will at least make them relevant this year, but they lost his biggest weapon. They need to add a WR and some D-line help.

New England Patriots: Traded for DL Albert Haynesworth

The Patriots got the ultimate buy low price on Big Al, and I'm guessing it works out well for them in a big way. They now need to resign Matt Light and add one to two smaller pieces.

New Orleans Saints: Re-signed WR Lance Moore and OLB Kim Herring, Traded RB Reggie Bush

The Saints were wise to get something for Bush, who was buried on their depth chart and would have been cut. New Orleans has some depth issues along both lines that needs to be addressed and could use another LB.

New York Giants: Signed C/G David Baas, Cut Rich Suebert, Shaun O'Hara, and DT Rocky Benard, lost DT Barry Cofield

The Giants don't have a lot of cap room but they figure to still bring back Bradshaw. And find cheaper o-line replacements.

New York Jets: Re-signed WR Santonio Holmes, RT Wayne Hunter. RT Damien Woody Retired

The Jets still have a number of their own FA's they want to bring back, but they look to be going for a big fish in CB Nnamdi Asomugha in the hopes that it will propel them to the SB.

Oakland Raiders: Oakland hasn't done much yet, though they have lost G Robert Gallery

The Raiders resigned a bunch of guys before the lockout and know that they will lose Asomugha. TE Zach Miller is still on their radar but it is unclear if they can get him done.

Philadelphia Eagles: Signed Jason Babin, about to trade QB Kevin Kolb

Babin was a huge signing for the the Eagles and if they can finalize this Kolb trade the Eagles will be looking good.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Cut Antwan Randle El and Max Starts, Re-signed CB Ike Taylor

The Steelers don't have much cap room, but look for them to make a strong push to resign T Willie Colon and another offensive lineman.

San Diego Chargers: Re-signed S Eric Weddle, OT Jerome Clary and OLB Antwan Barnes, signed ILB Taekeo Spikes

The Chargers have done a good job locking up their own guys and could use a cheaper WR option to Floyd. A NT could be on their list as well.

San Francisco 49ers: Re-signed DE Ray McDonald and QB Alex Smith, Lost OL David Baas, and Spikes

The 49ers haven't lost too much yet, but they still have a couple big FA's out there that they want back. Look for them to be in the market for a CB.

Seattle Seahawks: Signed QB. T. Jackson, WR Sidney Rice, OG Robert Gallery, lost QB Matt Hasselbeck

The Seahawks landed two big pieces for for their offense in Rice and Gallery, and now need to focus on fixing their defense.

St. Louis Rams: Signed SS Quintin Mikell

Mikell was a huge signing for the Rams, but they could use some DT and CB help, not to mention a WR and backup RB.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Re-signed LB Quincy Black

The Bucs figure to resign G Davin Joseph, but nothing is set in stone. They have a ton of money to spend, but have been very quite so far.

Tennessee Titans: Signed Matt Hasselbeck, Cut Vince Young, Lost Jason Babin

The Titans landed a quality QB to hold down the job until Jake Locker is ready.

Washington Redskins: Re-signed Santana Moss, signed Barry Cofield and Josh Wilson, Traded Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth for picks. Traded Jeremy Jarmon for WR Jabar Gaffney, Cut numerous players.

The Redskins have cleared a ton of cap space, and spent it wisely on Moss, Cofield and Wilson. The trades didn't net them much, but got rid of distractions. They still need to build an offensive line and look to be close to signing Cullen Jenkins.

Donovan McNabb is an Egomaniac, and In Other News The Sky Is Blue

July 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Redskins and Vikings have agreed to a trade of Donovan McNabb for the Vikings 6th round pick in 2012 and a conditional 6th rounder in 2013. The only thing that there seemed left to do was to restructure McNabb's insane contract. Which apparently was done this morning. So with the compensation worked out and the new contract in place, this deal is done right? Wrong…because Donovan McNabb needs to feel respected.

I wish I was making this up, but it appears to be 100% true. The report is that McNabb has some personal issues to workout with the Vikings brass, after reports came out that he was somewhat of a secondary option to Tyler Thigpen, who signed with the Bills. Now I realize that can be a rude awakening for McNabb, but really should it be? Thigpen is going to cost a lot less, zero draft picks and might actually be a good teammate to the first round QB (Christian Ponder) the Vikings brought in.

While I realize that Donovan McNabb has a relatively squeaky clean image around the league, I don't think this is groundbreaking to Philly fans who watched McNabb blame everyone but himself, and clash with other QB's on the team. And despite a number of Redskins fans expressing surprise, this really has been evident his entire time in Washington. Last year at the start of the season Donovan McNabb went on the radio and proclaimed himself to be an "Elite, elite" quarterback (whatever that means), in the same category of Brady, Manning and Brees. He went on to say that he deserved to be paid like one. Skins fans saw it later in the season when McNabb blew off OC Kyle Shanahan on the sideline after McNabb threw a pick six in the Bears game. Not to mention his actions after being benched twice (the saving grace for McNabb was that Mike Shanahan handled that situation worse).

McNabb needs to realize that he is no longer a great quarterback (if he ever truly was) and focus on being the best player he can to be. If he is so worried about respect, maybe he should stop playing so poorly, because I guarantee that will win him back favor. McNabb isn't in Philly anymore and he has done zero for the Vikings thus far, so the fact that they are leery about spending good money on him is understandable. Sit down and shut up, and play the game like it is meant to be played.

Jets Resign Santonio Holmes

July 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

While the contract details are a bit sketchy right now, Santonio Holmes is still a Jet and should be for the next 5 years as he agreed to a deal this morning. It appears he left money on the table (at least in year one) so the Jets can still afford to bring in other free agents (ahem Nnamdi Asomugha possibly). (Update: it is reported to be in the $10 million a year range, I'm guessing it is significantly back loaded to give them some cap flexibility)

This is a great move by the Jets as they were facing a situation where 3 of their top 4 WR's were free agents. While they still might lose Braylon Edwards and/or Brad Smith, Holmes was their top target and needed to be resigned. The Jets passing attack is extremely precarious right now as Mark Sanchez is still wildly inaccurate. Ensuring that he has the best weapons available is key to keeping this passing attack relevant.

Holmes should ascend to his role as the number 1 WR and hopefully for the Jets sake, Sanchez and him will get on the same page. The Jets will need to look for another WR to replace Edwards/Smith, but they did well here to land their guy. With Holmes off the market Edwards and Sidney Rice are now the top two WR's on the market.

Ravens Make Some Big Cuts

July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Baltimore started off the NFL offseason in a big way yesterday, when they released 4 significant players, TE Todd Heap, NT Kelly Gregg, WR Derrick Mason, RB Willis McGahee. While McGahee wasn't much of a shock and Gregg had been mentioned before, the fact that they cut ties with all 4 signifies a few things. One, the Ravens realized that given their impending FA's this year and next, they had to clear some cap room to ensure they didn't lose everyone. Two, Baltimore could be looking to make a big splash this year in free agency.

The Ravens are facing a situation where their top FB, SS, two starting OL (plus their top backup), backup QB, 3 of their top CB's and 2 of their backup WR's are unrestricted free agents. While they weren't expected to resign all of them, the Ravens needed to clear some cap room to do so. Unfortunately they created 4 more needs by doing so. The Ravens are also facing a situation next year where a number of other starters (including Ray Lewis, Ray Rice and Ben Grubbs) will be free agents, meaning that like it or not these cuts were necessary.

The Ravens are also rumored to be looking to bring in at least one big free agent name, as they are hoping to make a run this year. These cut could allow them to sign a big name or two over resigning some of their own players. It is by no means a sure thing, but I expect Baltimore to be aggressive this year.

As for the cuts themselves, it will be interesting to see how the Ravens survive them. On paper it looks like they will be okay, but that is a ton of leadership and production that is now looking for a job. The Ravens did draft a pair of TE's last year in Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta, but neither really did much of anything as rookies. The Ravens also landed NT Terrence Cody last year in the draft, but Gregg was still highly effective last year, and more than triplEd Cody's plays last year. McGahee was expected to get cut, but with LeRon McClain a UFA, the running back depth (in particular the power back depth) is now razor thin. It is something that will need to be addressed, as Baltimore can't just rely on late rounders and UDFA's behind Ray Rice. Mason remains the most shocking cut, as the Ravens now only have a pair of rookies behind Anquan Boldin. And while both Torrey Smith and Tandon Doss, have a ton of potential, the Ravens could have really used Mason for a season while their young guys get some seasoning.

Now it is quite possible that a couple of these guys could resign with Baltimore for less, but it is pretty significant that they are letting these highly productive players go. Losing Heap and Mason could be a big blow for their passing offense. Combined last season they had over 1,400 yards, 100 catches and 12 TD's, some of that will get replaced by the young guys, but I doubt all of it (not to mention the other two Ravens WR's that are UFA's had another 500 yards). Baltimore is rolling the dice here and they better hope that they can land some quality younger free agents for this strategy to work.


NFL Releases Free Agent List- NFC Outlook

July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

The offseason has officially begun and the NFL has released their official Free Agent list. While names will added as more players are cut I wanted to take a look at the list as it relates to each team:


Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys have a number of free agents along both lines, but none bigger than LT Doug Free. The Cowboys don't have money under the cap, so they are expected to cut a number of players to make a run at Free and some top free agents.

New York Giants: New York is another team without a lot of money to spend, and unfortunately for them they have a lot of their own players they need to resign. Their 3 biggest losses could be WR Steve Smith, TE Kevin Boss, and RB Ahmad Bradshaw. In addition they have a couple starters and significant contributors who are free agents on defense. New York will need to make some major cuts to find the necessary cap room to re-sign and restock this team.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles don't have any major starters who are free agents, but they have a number of significant contributors. While they have some cap room to play with, they are expected to pursue a number of big name outside free agents.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins look to be in a very healthy cap position, and are likely to re-sign only one of their major free agents (Santana Moss). Rex Grossman is another likely player to resign, as well as a few backups. The Skins are likely to make a number of big cuts/trades to free up even more money to be extremely aggressive on the open market.

NFC: South

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons have 3/5ths of their offensive line headed into UFA, and will need to either resign them or sign replacements. They will likely look to a mid-range defensive end and a few other defensive pieces as they make a serious run this season.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers have a number of defensive free agents, but none bigger than star end Charles Johnson. It is unclear if the Panthers can hang on to Johnson, but one way or another they are expected to be aggressive in free agency.  On offense the Panthers look to lose DeAngelo Williams.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints have a large number of free agents, but few big names that they need to resign. Lance Moore is probably the biggest name they want to bring back, but they are deep enough at WR to not be dragged into a bidding war.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs have a ton of money, but there track record is usually to play it safe on the market. While I expect them to resign G Davin Joseph and a few other guys, I don't see them landing any of the big names.

NFC North:

Chicago Bears: The Bears don't really have many free agents of note, and are likely to use most of their money on bringing in outside FAs. Look for a WR and DL to be at the top of their to do list.

Detroit Lions: The Lions don't have many big names with the only one they will make a priority, CB Chris Houston. The Lions are likely to be active on the defensive side of the ball in free agency and could look to add an OT as well.

Green Bay Packers: The Packers have a couple big free agents in DE Cullen Jenkins and WR James Jones. Given their cap situation and depth, both of those guys are likely to leave, but the Packers should have enough to sign some depth free agents.

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings are likely to lose both Ray Edwards and Pat Williams along their defensive line, while WR Sidney Rice is their biggest potential loss on offense. If anyone resigns I'd imagine it to be Rice. The Vikings have some money to spend so they could get aggressive on the market.

NFC West:

Arizona Cardinals: The Cards don't have many big name FA's, but they are expected to go hard after their Center Lyle Sendlein. They are also likely to bring in a QB and some offensive linemen.

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers have a couple depth offensive linemen, and veterans on offense. Defense on the other hand is an entirely different matter. They have a number of starters and contributors that they will need to resign or replace, and are expected to lose Aubrayo Franklin and possibly Manny Lawson as well.

Seattle Seahawks: The real question will be what the Seahawks do at QB, where Hasselbeck is a free agent and they look to add a better fit. In addition the Seahawks have a number of major contributors and starters that will need to be resigned or replaced. They are likely to lose DT Brandon Mebane who will leave a huge hole in their lineup.

St. Louis Rams: The Rams don't have a ton of money to spend, but the good news is they don't have any major guys they need to resign. I would expect them to pursue a top WR and some safeties as well.

CB and Safety Free Agency Rankings

July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Corner backs:

  1. Nnamdi Asomugha
  2. Johnathan Joseph
  3. Antonio Cromartie
  4. Carlos Rogers
  5. Ike Taylor
  6. Chris Carr
  7. Josh Wilson
  8. Richard Marshall
  9. Chris Houston
  10. Eric Wright
This could be the deepest position in free agency. Any of the 10 corners above could start in this league and there are about another 3-5 names capable as well. In addition to the depth of this group there is a lot of star talent and potential as well. The top 5 names have shown themselves capable of being top corners in this league, with Asomugha possibly the best in the game. In addition the bottom half of this list are all young and have shown the potential to develop into that capacity. Two to watch are Josh Wilson and Richard Marshall. Wilson struggled some with the Seahawks early in his career, but he broke out last year with the Ravens. At just 26 years old he is a good bet to continue to get better and be a top notch corner. Marshall on the other hand enjoyed early success in Carolina before last year not being able to cover anybody. If last year proves to be a fluke (of just the fact that the entire Carolina defense was bad), Marshall could be a steal. Overall it is a great year for if you need a corner. While some of the prices will get crazy, this is one position you can definitely upgrade.
The safety class isn't nearly as talented as some of the other positions, but part of that has to do with the fact that two safeties already signed. Before the lockout occurred O.J. Atogwe signed with the Redskins and Bob Sanders signed with the Chargers, which decreased the depth of this group. Even still this group is 10 deep in terms of starting talent, though the bottom 3-4 names are more average than good starters. At the top of this list Weddle and Huff appear to be frontline starters with, Weddle a guy who should be recognized as one of the top 5 safeties in the league. It is another good group overall, and should benefit a number of teams looking for a safety upgrade.

Outside and Inside Linebacker Rankings

July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized


  1. Manny Lawson
  2. Matt Roth
  3. Rocky McIntosh
  4. Stephen Nicholas
  5. Clint Session
  6. James Anderson
  7. Quincy Black
  8. Thomas Davis
  9. Thomas Howard
  10. Antwan Barnes
There is a lot of depth here no matter what you are looking for. If you are a 3-4 team looking for a pass rusher Lawson, Roth and Barnes are excellent choices. McIntosh, Nicholas and Sessions are all excellent choices for 4-3 teams as well. Davis and Howard both are injury risks, but when healthy they are some of the most talented linebackers in the league. All-in-all this position has a ton of depth and teams should have no issue finding starting level talent among this group. Beyond the top 10 there are a number of solid veteran options for 1-3 year stopgaps.
This position isn't quite as deep as Outside Linebacker, but there is some very good talent to be found here. Tulloch and Posluszny are extremely talented players and will be highly pursued on the open market. Overall though the top 8 names could all start in this league, though some are better suited for a 3-4 than a 4-3 and vice versa.

DE and DT NFL Free agency Rankings

July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized


  1. Charles Johnson
  2. Ray Edwards
  3. Jason Babin
  4. Mathias Kiwanuka
  5. Andre Carter
  6. Raheem Brock
  7. Travis LaBoy
  8. Dave Ball
  9. Vernon Gholston
  10. Ray McDonald
This is by no means the deepest position in free agency, but there are a number of quality situational pass rushers. In addition the top 3 names on the list should be major upgrades as every down linemen as well. Johnson and Edwards especially should command big pay days and be difference makers for their new teams. I'd expect a few more names to be added to this list via cuts, but most will be of the platoon variety. One interesting name under the radar is Gholston. He was a complete bust in New York, but he's still young and pretty athletically gifted. He could be worth a shot if given the right situation.
DT (and 3-4 DE's and NT's)
It is a pretty deep year for defensive tackles and 3-4 ends. Unfortunately if you want a NT, it is basically Franklin or bust if you want a difference maker. There is some thought that Coefield could make the transition but obviously that involves a lot of risk. Coefield is a great run stopper and for his size generates a solid pass rush. Any of the top 9 guys could start from day one and there are quite a few other rotational players behind this group as well. It is a good year for big men, and look for another top tackle, Albert Haynesworth, to be moved quickly once free agency begins.

Offensive Free Agent Rankings: OL, FB, TE

July 19, 2011 in Uncategorized


  1. Doug Free
  2. Willie Colon
  3. Tyson Clabo
  4. Jared Gaither
  5. Ryan Harris
  6. Damien Woody
  7. Matt Light
  8. Sean Locklear
  9. Ryan Callaghan
  10. Jammal Brown
The Tackle position has a number of quality names, but for the most part they all have at least one issue, be it age or injury concern, that keeps this from being a banner class. If all these names were guaranteed to stay healthy though and play for 3 more years, this would be a year to go crazy on the market, but as it is it could be better to be prudent. I still think this is a strong group and a number of quality starters can be found. The elite guys are among the top 4 names listed, but plenty of other guys on this list could be day one starters.
This group is very top heavy as Yanda and Dahl are really the only top level guards, and Dahl is already 30, but it features a lot of depth. There are probably at least 12 total guards who should be starting in the league on the open market, and like most positions I'd expect a few more once cuts are made. Derrick Dockery could be a name to watch. He didn't fit into Mike Shanahan's Zone Blocking Scheme, but for power running team he should be a steal. Mike Brisiel is another name worth watching, when healthy he's an elite guard, but he has been banged up the last few years and can't show it.
This isn't that deep of a position as Sendlein is the best short and long term fit. Satele has the potential to join him, but he hasn't proven yet to be more than average over the course of a season. He is young though, and has flashed a lot of talent, now he just needs to work on consistency. As for the rest they are basically 1-3 year solid stopgap options and nothing more.
I rate Kuhn a bit higher than most people because I think he is the most complete fullback on this list. He can lead block, catch the ball out of the backfield, be an effective short yardage runner, stay in as the QB's personal body guard and play special teams. While a guy like McClain or Leach might be better in one or two of those areas, they are inefficient in the rest. That being said, there is actually a good bit of talent here where Vickers is also a solid option, and Leonard makes sense if you are utilizing your FB in the run and passing game.
Tight End:
This could very well be the worst position in the entire free agency class, as this list could really only be two names long, Zach Miller and Kevin Boss, everyone else is a backup at best, with little chance of ever being a starting option. Now both Miller and Boss could be great pickups for teams needing a TE, so there is talent there, but if you miss out on them you are pretty much out of luck.

Top 15 Offensive Free Agents

July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

With free agency just around the corner I wanted to profile the top 50 offensive free agents on the open market. I won't include any of the restricted free agents or franchise guys, just so we can have more realistic options out there.

1. Doug Free-LT  looking for $8-10 million a year over 6+ years

Free has been a bit of a late bloomer, but since becoming a full time starter he has been one of the best tackles in the league. He is still quite young and has no major injury history, which puts him at the top of this list.

2. Willie Colon- RT looking for $7-8 million a year for 5-6 years

Colon was one of the best RT's in the league before missing all of last season with an Achilles injury. If he checks out as healthy though he is an elite addition to any line. Still under 30, he should have one more long term deal in him, where he can perform at a high level.

3. Tyson Clabo- RT looking for $8-9 million a year for 5 years

Clabo has quietly become one of the better right tackles in the league and even went to the Pro Bowl this past season. He's a bit older which is why he is third on this list, but he doesn't have any major injury history and should still be good for the next 4-5 years.

4. Marshal Yanda- G/T looking for $6-7 million a year for 6+ years

Yanda is probably the best lineman that you have never heard of. He is overshadowed in Baltimore, but that is a mistake because he is arguably their best offensive lineman. He doesn't have much in the way of an injury history and has proven himself both at guard and tackle. Still young he should command a nice contract.

5. Santonio Holmes- WR looking for $8-10 million a year for 6 years

Holmes is a former Super Bowl MVP and 1st round pick, rebuilt his reputation in New York after taking a hit for the way he left Pittsburgh. He is a top flight receiver and can stretch the field with anyone in this league. He will get a big contract going forward and should be a good addition.

6. Braylon Edwards- WR looking for $7 million a year for 5-6 years

Edwards doesn't get as much recognition, but I really believe he is starting to come into his own. He has been plagued by awful QB play, which has kept his numbers down, but I think he is a top flight receiver. His size is a huge advantage and will make him a dangerous red zone threat.

7, Zach Miller- TE looking for $5-6 million a year for 6 years

Miller is the best TE on the market and at 25 should have his fair share of suitors. I don't think he is going to get elite money, but he should come close. He is more suited for teams who will use him as a pass catcher, but he isn't horrible as a blocker.

8. Sidney Rice- WR looking for $8-10 million a year for 6 years

Rice based on two seasons ago looks like a great option, but his injury and limited performance are a bit worrisome. He's really been just a one-hit wonder at this point, and while the size, age and speed are enticing I worry that teams will over pay.

9. DeAngelo Williams- RB looking for $7 million a year for 6 years

RB's are dangerous to invest in, but Williams should still get his pay day. He is young, with few injury concerns. He has exceptional speed and game breaking ability and should be good for 1,300-1,500 yards for the next 4 years at least.

10. Jared Gaither- T looking for $7 million a year for 6 years

Gaither missed all of last season with a back injury, but prior to that he was one of the premier young tackles in this league. If he checks out medically he could be a steal for some team.

11. Malcolm Floyd- WR looking for $6 million+ a year for 5-6 years

Floyd has played Vincent Jackson's understudy for some time now, but he looks ready for the big show. He's got exceptional size and strength and good speed. He might never be a true number 1, but he can be a very good number 2. There is some concern about how he will do without Rivers and company, but I think he will be fine.

12. Harvey Dahl- G looking for $5-6 million for 5 years

Dahl is a very sure and capable blocker for the Falcons, and is pretty balanced between run and pass blocking. He is 30, so that will limit his market somewhat, but he is a good fit for the next couple of years.

13. Lyle Sendlein- C looking for $5 million for 6 years

Sendlein has developed into the Cards best lineman, and is a quality center. He might never be an All-Pro, but he will be a good linemen for the length of his contract. He has zero injury history and is a great addition for whomever signs him.

14. Ahmad Bradshaw- RB looking for $5 million for 6 years

Bradshaw gets underrated in some circles given the Giants quality offensive line, but he is a very good player. He is still young enough and fresh enough that he should be fine for the next 4 years and really boost some team's running game.

15. Damien Woody- RT Looking for $4-5 million for 2-3 years

Woody when healthy can still be a dominate lineman, and should still find quite a few suitors this offseason. He is getting up their in age and has had some injury issues so I wouldn't expect a huge price tag, but he can still be very effective going forward.