My February NBA Power Rankings

February 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

1) Miami Heat 39-14: This team is extremely hot and LeBron James is playing the best ball of his career. Look out.

2)Oklahoma City Thunder 40-15: I am looking to rematch from last year. Heat vs. Thunder. I do not see a team in the West beating this team in 7 games.

3)San Antonio Spurs 44-13: This team just does not lose but if they face the Thunder again, I see them just rolling all over them with their speed and youth. Warriors proved they can beat them with speed and youth a few days ago.

4) Los Angeles Clippers 40-18: They were the best team in the West before Chris Paul went down. Now that they are healthy, I want to see them get back to where they were before the injury. They were almost unbeatable.

5) Indiana Pacers 35-21: This team is legit and they are rolling right now. Paul George is becoming a star and I see this team having the best chance to beat the Heat in the East.

6) Memphis Grizzlies 36-18: I thought this team would regret trading Rudy Gay but I was wrong. They are rolling on a 7 game win streak.

7) Denver Nuggets 35-22: A very solid, balanced, young team. I am looking forward to seeing this team play down the stretch.

8) Golden State Warriors 32-23: This team is flat out fun to watch. I love Curry, Barnes, and Thompson and David Lee is playing possessed. Very excited to see this team in the playoffs. I may be the only person who likes their uniforms too.

9) New York Knicks 32-20: 4 game losing streak and this team is losing it fast. Melo is playing great but isn't doing the things he was doing earlier in the year. Jason Kidd has nothing left and Shumpert has not showed anything since coming back from injury. They need to figure out this problem and fast or they have no chance at doing anything in the playoffs. It is crazy we are saying this considering we all thought this team had the best chance at beating the Heat a month or two ago.

10) Brooklyn Nets 33-23: I was confused as to why this team tried to make so many different moves this trade deadline. I think they needed to stick with what they had and work on it in the off season. Especially since this team finally has chemistry. Why mess it up? Also, no one wants a package with Humphries, Brooks, and picks.

11) Chicago Bulls 32-23: I like what this team is doing this year without Rose but he needs to get back or they will not do any damage in the playoffs.

12) Atlanta Hawks 31-23: I do not know what it is but this team just does not do it for me. I think they will regret not trading Josh Smith too.

13) Houston Rockets 31-27: Tough loss to the Wizards last night but I believe this team holds onto their playoff spot. I really liked them picking up Thomas Robinson.

14) Utah Jazz 31-25: Will the pressure start to hit this team? I do not think so, I like the solid vets on this roster mixed with the young guys.

15) Los Angeles Lakers 27-29: From a fan stand point, I want this team to make a run, figure out the chemistry issues fully, and make the playoffs. But I do not see the Rockets or Jazz blowing their lead. Hopefully they can do it for Jerry Buss. The looked great in their win against the Celtics the other night.

16) Boston Celtics 29-26: I like that this team is playing great with out Rondo but will it last? I am not sure. I do love their team ball though and I am glad they kept their team together at the deadline because this team is fun to watch in the playoffs.

17) Toronto Raptors 23-33: You can't argue that this is a completely different team with Rudy Gay. It will be interesting to see if they can keep this going and make the playoffs.

18) Dallas Mavericks 25-29: This team (on a 3 game winning streak) is going at it with the Lakers who are both trying to steal the 8 seed from the Rockets. I do not see them getting there though.

19) Milwaukee Bucks 26-28: This team is on a 3 game losing streak and the Raptors are creeping up. This team has playoff talent so we will have to see if they can get back on track because I do not see the Raptors letting up.

20) Portland Trailblazers 25-30: This team had playoff hopes but this 7 game losing streak is killing them. At least they know they have a potential star in Damian Lillard.

21) Philadelphia 76ers 22-26: This is a team that needed the All-Star break. It looks like Andrew Bynum may be able to play for them later in the season as well.

22) Detroit Pistons 22-26: This team is playing much better since the Calderon trade, but will he be there next year?

23)Cleveland Cavaliers 17-38: Kyrie Irving is a star, and this team has a chance to be pretty good next year if they make the right moves in the off season. I am very happy for the city of Cleveland.

24) Washington Wizards 17-37: Looking forward to seeing if they team can go on a late season push. They have proven they can play with the best teams in the league. Just need to be more consistent against the less talented teams. Impressive win against the Rockets last night.

25) Minnesota Timberwolves 20-32: Plain and simple, this team needs Kevin Love back. This would be a playoff team if it wasn't for injuries.

26) New Orleans Hornets 19-37: This team has a lot to build off from this year and we are only a little over half way through the season. I enjoy watching this team and I think they should explore trying to trade Eric Gordon in the off season which is what was reported around the trade deadline.

27) Phoenix Suns 18-38: This is a team many times I have said I liked on paper. I loved their aggressiveness at the trade deadline to make big moves. Cannot wait till this off season to see what they do at the draft and on the trade front. I think they will be a playoff team next year and I am sticking too that.

28) Sacramento Kings19-37: This team is just not good and them trading Thomas Robinson to me did not make any sense. They should have played him more.

29) Orlando Magic 15-41: This is a team who is truly looking to the off season to add some more young pieces. They do have some young guys developing well but the team is a few years away though.

30) Charlotte Bobcats 13-43: The Bobcats can't win a game, and to make things worse, there is no clear cut number one pick next year. I have seem some improvements this this year though.

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