Trade Deadline Candidate: Joe Saunders

June 20, 2012 in Major League Baseball

The Arizona Diamondbacks are dieing to make their top prospect, Trevor Bauer, part of their regular rotation. Their best hope of getting Bauer some work lies in a free agent re-signing from this offseason, Joe Saunders. The D-Backs signed Saunders to a $6 million deal in January and could turn him around for a piece of their future or someone that can help them out now. But where could Saunders end up?

The best guess for Saunders trade destination is very close to where he grew up in Falls Church, VA. The Baltimore Orioles, who currently lead the AL Wildcard race, would love to get a hold of the Virginia Tech product to help sustain their postseason push throughout the season. The O's have some old vets in Dontrelle Willis and Jamie Moyer in AAA, but neither can be the solution for the birds. Saunders has been a decent pitcher in the big leagues. His best year came with the Angels in 2008 when he went 17-7 with a 3.41 ERA. Since joining the D-Back in 2010 Saunders has gone 19-25 with a respectable 3.76 ERA.

The Orioles likely won't be the only team vying for the left hander, the Red Sox have also said to be in the mix. There have even been thoughts of a Kevin Youkilis for Saunders straight up trade between Arizona and Boston. The Blue Jays could certainly also get in on the action with their recent rash of injuries in the rotation.

Beyond the AL East arms race their has not been much discussion on a destination for Saunders, but don't be surprised if teams from the AL Central become interested. The Royals, Tigers, and the Indians could use another solid arm in their rotations.

2 responses to Trade Deadline Candidate: Joe Saunders

  1. I've always been impressed with Saunders when I've seen him pitch against the Nationals. He would be a great fit in Baltimore and would help them address their most vulnerable weakness. The teams you mentioned as possible destinations for Saunders are all AL teams. I'd be curious to see if Atlanta shows any interest now that Beachy is sidelined.

  2. Yea he's certainly not a top of the rotation guy, but he's solid. You know he's going to eat up some innings and only going to give up 3 or 4 runs per game. I think the price is right and he'd be perfect for the O's.

    Atlanta is definitely interesting, but I'm sure they'll see if they can get something out Jurrjens before looking towards the trade market. Hard to believe the guy was an all-star a year ago and just spent 8 weeks in AAA Gwinnett