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May 15, 2012 in Major League Baseball

The 2012 MLB season is well underway and it looks like Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton's getting himself in position to make a serious run at becoming the first triple crown winner in 45 years.

The New York Yankees have added veteran pitcher Andy Pettitte to their starting rotation and the Washington Nationals are losing key players at an alarming rate, but still winning games, for now. Enough rambling let's get down to the task at hand and look at this week's MLB Power Rankings!

  1. Texas Rangers (22-12) – The team to beat, period. Josh Hamilton's been putting up juice ball era numbers lately. Team BA .291 (#1) and pitching staff ERA 3.26 (#4), enough said!
  2. Baltimore Orioles (22-13) – They have played their way into this ranking. In the middle of a brutal 15 game stretch against MLB's best teams and they are 8-5. I'm not sure if they can keep this up, but leading the A.L. East after 35 games is impressive.
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers (23-11) – Still winning with Matt Kemp hitting .226 with 0 HR's in May shows they're for real.
  4. Atlanta Braves (22-13) – Should remain in the N.L. East race all season long. Could Chipper reach the postseason one last time?
  5. Washington Nationals (21-13) – Injuries are really piling up, but a shaky bullpen has cost them four wins over the past couple weeks. Can't afford to sustain anymore key guys going down.
  6. Tampa Bay Rays (21-14) – Need to get Evan Longoria's bat back in the lineup.
  7. St. Louis Cardinals (20-14) – Not looking so good playing outside of the N.L. Central. They have 16 wins against teams in the N.L. Central.
  8. New York Yankees (19-16) – Getting Andy Pettitte back into the rotation will help them even though he showed a little rust in his return.
  9. New York Mets (19-15) – Hanging around in the N.L. East and very scrappy. Every time it looks like they are heading south they pull of a three game winning streak. Do they have enough to hang around all season?
  10. Miami Marlins (18-16) – After a rough start they went out west and found their mojo. Have been playing very well recently and the talent to keep it up.
  11. Cleveland Indians (18-16) – Leading the A.L. Central at this point is still a surprise, but they won't be there much longer if the Tigers wake up.
  12. Toronto Blue Jays (19-16) – Entering a very tough stretch of games that will tell us a lot.
  13. Detroit Tigers (17-17) – When will they put it all together?
  14. Oakland A's (18-17) – I'm not sure how they are here, but a win is a win and they have 18 so far.
  15. Cincinnati Reds (17-16)- A team that may be able to give the Cardinals a run for their money in the N.L. Central.
  16. San Fransisco Giants (17-17) – If they could score more runs they have the pitching to be higher on this list. Losing Pablo Sandoval hurts.
  17. Philadelphia Phillies (15-19) – Have shown signs of getting on a roll only to stumble again.
  18. Chicago White Sox (16-19) – Another team with bullpen troubles this season. Getting nice contributions from Adam Dunn (11 HR's) and Jake Peavy (4-1,  1.89 ERA).
  19. Pittsburgh Pirates (16-18) – Andrew McCutchen has been on a tear recently and rediscovered his power stroke.
  20. Los Angeles Angels (15-20) – The biggest disappointment in MLB so far this season and it's not even close. What's up with Albert Pujols? What's wrong with this team?
  21. Boston Red Sox (15-19) – Starting to string some wins together, but the pitching staff needs to step up to the plate.
  22. Milwaukee Brewers (15-19) – Find themselves sitting in the basement of the mediocre N.L. Central says it all, but a lot of baseball is left to be played.
  23. Arizona Diamondbacks (15-20) – Wheels coming off?
  24. Houston Astros (15-19) – Young team playing for the future.
  25. Seattle Mariners (16-20) – Stuck in neutral.
  26. Chicago Cubs (14-20) – Found their version of Mike Morse with Bryan LaHair
  27. Kansas City Royals (13-20) – Off to a 7-5 start in May shows progress. The pitching staff is #26 in MLB, enough said!
  28. Colorado Rockies (13-20) – Slip sliding away.
  29. San Diego Padres (12-23) – Not very good and depressing to watch.
  30. Minnesota Twins (10-24) – Joe Mauer's back producing, but not much else happening.

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