Trade Deadline Heating Up 3-Team Deal Sends Rasmus to Toronto

July 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now this not finalized yet but it appears to be a 3 team blockbuster. Here's how it looks to be breaking down-

White Sox get:

RP Trever Miller (from Cards)

RP Jason Frasor

SP Zach Stewart

Blue Jays Get:

CF Colby Rasmus

RP Brian Tallet

RP P.J. Walters

UTL Mark Teahen

Cardinals Get:

SP Edwin Jackson

RP Octavio Dotel

RP Mark Rzepczynski

OF Corey Patterson

White Sox Perspective:

I know many are questioning why the White Sox gave up Edwin Jackson at a time when they are just 4.5 games out of first place, but I really like this move for them. Edwin Jackson has pitched very well for them, but they have the pitching depth and can afford to deal a player who is going to leave them via free agency this offseason. This deal also gets Mark Teahen and the $7 million+ that is owed to him over the next year and half off the team and away from the Sox lineup card. Teahen has become a major hole in the White Sox lineup, yet still kept finding ways to get his name penciled in. This allows far better hitters to get at bats for Chicago, while at the same time clearing up the White Sox payroll for the rest of this season and even into next year.

This wasn't a straight salary dump for Chicago as they got quality pitching in Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart. Frasor is a good middle reliever and can further improve the White Sox's bullpen for the stretch run. He's also affordable next year on a team option (or they could decline and possibly get a pick back as a Type-B Free Agent), and could always be flipped next season if necessary. Stewart also adds some good potential for Chicago as he projects as a solid number 3, and could be ready by next year.

Whether this move was meant to clear salary and at bats for another move, or just a regular deal on its own I think the White Sox got better here (mainly from moving Teahen). Given that I give Chicago a B- for this deal.

Cardinals Perspective:

Wow!! The Cards simply put got ripped off. They will try to spin it otherwise, but this is a bad deal for them. I realize that they have (and by they I mean Tony LaRussa) done everything in their power to kill Colby Rasmus's trade value, but this is ridiculous.

Rasmus has elite 5-tool potential and while he might not be playing at that level now, the Cards only have themselves to blame (ahem…LaRussa). While I didn't expect them to get a great deal, I did think they'd get some decent value. And I just don't see it in this deal.

Edwin Jackson is a good but not great pitcher (though he should play up in the N.L.), but he is a free agent after this year, and the Cards have bigger free agent worries than him. Sure they might get a supplemental pick for his services, but that pales into comparison to the value that Rasmus will bring the next 3 years that he is under team control.

As for the rest of the haul it is extremely unimpressive. Dotel has basically pitched as well as Miller, so that is a wash, except that Dotel is more expensive. And while Mark Rzepcynski is better than Walters, he doesn't project to anything more than an average RP/ spot starter. And Corey Patterson is nothing more than a defensive replacement for the Cards down the stretch.

I know the saying is 'flags fly forever', but I don't know if this move really makes the Cards that much better contenders this year. They are still in a tight 4 team race in the Central. And if they make it to the playoffs they will have to win two series against Phillies, Braves and Giants, to even get the chance to face off with an A.L. team. Jackson is a nice addition and Dotel is a slight improvement, but I don't know if it is enough. Especially since you are subtracting Rasmus's offensive value.

And if the Cards don't win it all this year, they will have given up Rasmus for essentially a Supplemental pick and a spot starter. They should have been able to do far better than that (in particular with the money they take on in this deal). And I would grade this as an F for them.

Blue Jays Perspective:

What a steal! Credit the Blue Jays for doing some wheeling and dealing here, and coming out of this deal with a young player with TREMENDOUS upside. Rasmus has elite talent and at 24 is a good bet going forward. He obviously needed the change of scenery and the Jays landed him for not too much.

To land Rasmus the Jays traded one good but slightly older pitching prospect in Zach Stewart, a pair of decent 30+ year old middle relievers and one young reliever. That is highway robbery and the Jays should be very happy about what this means for their future. Sure they had to take on Mark Teahen's bad contract, but it's not like it is a horrible deal, it is just $7 million through next season, which is affordable to them (though I'd recommend cutting him as soon as possible so as not to waste any at bats). Part of the money owed to him will be made up in what Frasor and Dotel would have made, so it really isn't a huge salary increase.

Even if Rasmus doesn't reach his ultimate potential this is a good deal for them and one that could help make the Blue Jays contenders in the coming years. This is an A+ deal for Toronto.

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