Week Seven Recap

October 23, 2012 in Recaps

    • Shanahan Tans 101, Tokyo Wasabi Bombs 86
    • I Need Andrews Luck 109, Get on the RGIII Bandwagon 66
    • Number One Philly Fan 75, Ravens Nest 38
    • Team Gibbs 117, Elite Elephants 73
    • Hunt for Orange October 116, House of Griffindor 51
Trophies Awarded This Week:
    • Ken Daneyko Award (largest margin of victory of the season): Hunt For Orange October defeats House of Griffindor, 116-51
    • Keith Olbermann Award (for (not) scoring at home — or even if you're alone!): Ravens Nest, 38 points
    • Cincinnati Bungles Award (for losing really badly!) House of Griffindor loses to Hunt For Orange October, 116-51
Week 8 Games:
    • Tokyo Wasabi Bombs (2-5) vs. Elite Elephants (2-5)
    • Ravens Nest (1-5-1) vs. I Need Andrews Luck (4-3)
    • Team Gibbs (5-2) vs. Number One Philly Fan (4-3)
    • Hunt for Orange October (3-3-1) vs. Shanahan Tans (5-2)
    • Get on the RGIII Bandwagon (4-3) vs. House of Griffindor (4-3)
If the Season Ended Today…
    • No. 1 Team Gibbs, No. 2 Shanahan Tans Bye
    • No. 3 I Need Andrews Luck vs. No. 6 Number One Philly Fan
    • No. 4 House of Griffindor vs. No. 5 Get on the RGIII Bandwagon
Consolation Bracket
    • No. 7 Hunt for Orange October vs. No. 8 Tokyo Wasabi Bombs
    • No. 9 Elite Elephants vs. No. 10 Ravens Nest

4 responses to Week Seven Recap

  1. The Tans baby. Where RG3 and Alfred Morris get to actually play on a team that has a defense

  2. Nicely played, John!

  3. Really, can Team Gibbs be stopped? I don't think so!! My half Pats/half Redskins, with a sprinkle of Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson and CJ Spiller is AMAZ!

    I'm playing fantasy for $$ next season…taking this team to Vegas! ;)

  4. Don't get too confident, Meg! These things can change on a dime!