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Another Look At PSU

11/23/2011 in Uncategorized

Penn State was struck by the greatest adversity that any team or university could ever face. This was brought about by the allegations that Penn State’s former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, sexual abused multiple boys. Since the grand jury’s report was released, the university and everyone involved in this scandal has been under a firestorm by the media. Because of this many highly respected individuals such as Joe Paterno have lost their positions. How has Joe Paterno’s legacy been affected by this? How will people remember him?

One thing that doesn’t lie are numbers. Just look at Paterno’s stats.  He started coaching at Penn State in 1950. He took the head coaching position in 1966. Since then Paterno has racked up 409 wins in 558 games. He has made 37 bowl appearances winning 24 of those games. Those two stats, 409 total wins and 24 bowl victories, just happen to be Division-1A records. He’s won numerous awards for his accomplishments, has two national championships, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2007. He has also donated millions of dollars back to the university. You also have to consider the revenue that Penn State earned through merchandise sales because of Paterno.

However, when you look a persons legacy you don’t just look at the persons stats. If this was true, Pete Rose wouldn’t be banned from baseball and he’d be in the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately in Rose’s case the persons character is also considered. That will be Paterno’s issue as well. JoePa always said he’s for the kids. (Meaning the players and students.) For example, after Paterno was fired, when students were rallying around his house in support, Paterno greeted them by telling them to go home and study because they still have work to do. Penn State football has always took pride in its graduation percentage and its class both on and off the field too. Paterno’s goal was to win football games but also create honorable young men in the process. This scandal also occurred at the end of Paterno’s career. It’s not like Michael Vick who has had time to redeem himself for his actions. When people think of Paterno they think of his age then the scandal. One thing you have to remember though is that Paterno has not committed a crime and has not been accused of a crime. The only thing he has been accused of is not doing enough. Apparently reporting an incident to your superior is not acceptable anymore. It seems like you’re now expected to conduct your own investigation of someone who is no longer and employee of yours but just has the rights to use the facilities that your football team uses.

On a side note, what about the university? You can’t forget about Penn State as a whole. How has this scandal affected it from a prestigious and economic standpoint? Joe Paterno and the football team had a major part in transforming the small agricultural school into the multi-campus university that it is today. Paterno is already gone and it’s possible that the football team could be next. Think about the economic impact Saturday afternoons have on Centre County in the fall. These football games turn the college town of State College into the third largest city in Pennsylvania for a few hours every weekend. Think about enrollment too. How many students won’t apply because of this? How many students will transfer? Sure Penn State is 40,000 strong at State College and another 30,000 strong at branch campus’ but a large university needs a large amount of students to stay in existence.

One thing can be certain is that time heals all wounds and that is exactly what is needed right now.


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11/09/2011 in Uncategorized

In the land before time; Joe Paterno coached football.

In honor of JoePa, here are some of my favorite WJPSCings…

When Joe Paterno started coaching Adam and Eve were voted class couple.

When Joe Paterno started coaching there was no Red Zone; only red coats.

When Joe Paterno started coaching Sear’s was just a catalog.

When Joe Paterno started coaching the only two conferences were the Union and the Confederacy.















See No Evil, Hear No Evil

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Hockey, Fights, and Car Windows

10/16/2011 in Uncategorized

This past Saturday was the Hershey Bears home opener. Hershey, an affiliate team of the Washington Capitols, was defeated 5-6 in a tough overtime loss to Norfolk.

Being a novice hockey fan, I can’t give a valid recap of the game. I just go for the fights. Two decent skirmishes, a fractured arm, and one all out heavy weight slug fest was a good night.

However, in the parking lot I after the game I saw the most interesting occurrence. A man circled an SUV on foot and smashed the rear drivers side window. Cool, I thought. I’m watching a man steal a car. He then causally opened the door and pulled a key out from within. Oh, he just locked his keys inside. I laughed thinking to myself that this will be an expensive hockey game for him. As he drove away I couldn’t help but notice something dangling from his hatchback. He was stuck in traffic so I casually crutched over. (I tore a tendon in my ankle in August.) The man rolled down the window so I politely told him that there was a set of keys dangling from the lock in his hatchback. He then got out, said a few expletives, got his keys, went back into car, and said to his passenger that he had found the keys. Was it a good deed on my part? Sure, but someone had to add a little insult to injury.

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Harper Handling Harrisburg

10/07/2011 in Uncategorized


HARRISBURG, PA – 8/4/11, via Bryce Harper Facts

Bryce Harper took Hagerstown by storm and as of July 4, 2011, he has set his sights on Harrisburg. But how is Harper handling Harrisburg? Or more specifically, how is Harrisburg handling Bryce Harper?

After 25 games with the Senators, Harper is hitting .233 with one home run. That is very respectable especially for someone who is 18 years old. If you split it up though, Harper is hitting .314 on the road and at home he is only hitting .176. If you look at strike outs, he has six on the road but his home game strike outs are double that. It makes you wonder what is so different at home that is causing this lack of performance.

The Senators have embraced Bryce Harper and his allure. They have dedicated a section of seats in left field to him by renaming it “Harpersburg”. That is a very nice gesture but the fans themselves have not necessarily accepted Harper. The area known as “Harpersburg” provides a gateway for fans to heckle Harper directly. Sure heckling is a normal part of baseball, but some of the slurs are borderline harassment. Give the guy a break. He’s doing an outstanding job for someone who would have just graduated high school.

There was a sign hanging in my school’s gymnasium, it read, “Let the players play, the coaches coach, officials officiate, and the fans be positive.” That needs to be applied in Harrisburg. Sure, players strive on criticism, but not to the severity Harper is seeing.  Besides, do you think you could hit .233 at the double-A level? Probably not.•