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Hockey, Fights, and Car Windows

10/16/2011 in Uncategorized

This past Saturday was the Hershey Bears home opener. Hershey, an affiliate team of the Washington Capitols, was defeated 5-6 in a tough overtime loss to Norfolk.

Being a novice hockey fan, I can’t give a valid recap of the game. I just go for the fights. Two decent skirmishes, a fractured arm, and one all out heavy weight slug fest was a good night.

However, in the parking lot I after the game I saw the most interesting occurrence. A man circled an SUV on foot and smashed the rear drivers side window. Cool, I thought. I’m watching a man steal a car. He then causally opened the door and pulled a key out from within. Oh, he just locked his keys inside. I laughed thinking to myself that this will be an expensive hockey game for him. As he drove away I couldn’t help but notice something dangling from his hatchback. He was stuck in traffic so I casually crutched over. (I tore a tendon in my ankle in August.) The man rolled down the window so I politely told him that there was a set of keys dangling from the lock in his hatchback. He then got out, said a few expletives, got his keys, went back into car, and said to his passenger that he had found the keys. Was it a good deed on my part? Sure, but someone had to add a little insult to injury.

3 responses to Hockey, Fights, and Car Windows

  1. haha wow that story is hilarious…though awful for that guy.

  2. Wow! I figure the guy probably topped off the night by getting a speeding ticket on the way home. I know that's what would've happened to me!

  3. Ha…too funny! That was a good deed…he must have felt so stupid!
    Fun you get to go to some Hershey Bears games too…you'll have to keep us posted who is looking good and may be joining Caps soon!