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Harper Handling Harrisburg

10/07/2011 in Uncategorized


HARRISBURG, PA – 8/4/11, via Bryce Harper Facts

Bryce Harper took Hagerstown by storm and as of July 4, 2011, he has set his sights on Harrisburg. But how is Harper handling Harrisburg? Or more specifically, how is Harrisburg handling Bryce Harper?

After 25 games with the Senators, Harper is hitting .233 with one home run. That is very respectable especially for someone who is 18 years old. If you split it up though, Harper is hitting .314 on the road and at home he is only hitting .176. If you look at strike outs, he has six on the road but his home game strike outs are double that. It makes you wonder what is so different at home that is causing this lack of performance.

The Senators have embraced Bryce Harper and his allure. They have dedicated a section of seats in left field to him by renaming it “Harpersburg”. That is a very nice gesture but the fans themselves have not necessarily accepted Harper. The area known as “Harpersburg” provides a gateway for fans to heckle Harper directly. Sure heckling is a normal part of baseball, but some of the slurs are borderline harassment. Give the guy a break. He’s doing an outstanding job for someone who would have just graduated high school.

There was a sign hanging in my school’s gymnasium, it read, “Let the players play, the coaches coach, officials officiate, and the fans be positive.” That needs to be applied in Harrisburg. Sure, players strive on criticism, but not to the severity Harper is seeing.  Besides, do you think you could hit .233 at the double-A level? Probably not.•

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  1. Other than the kiss-blowing incident, Harper seemed to have conducted himself appropriately this season. Not sure why "hometown" fans would heckle him?? I guess it was good experience for when he begins making trips to Philly with the Nats! Anxious to see how he performs in the Arizona Fall League this year.