Is PJ Carlesimo the Guy for the Brooklyn Nets?

January 10, 2013 in Nets Analysis

After Avery Johnson got fired from the Brooklyn Nets earlier this season, it seemed everyone was panicking as to who would be the next coach. I do not know why, but everyone was throwing out big name coach, after big name coach. Phil Jackson, of course being the front runner. I'm not sure why people just assume that only big name coaches can coach big name players. An example of that is Mike Woodson with the Knicks. He was a well established, defensive minded coach but by no means is he a huge name. He is managing all those egos in New York just fine

I was a firm believer that they had their guy on their bench already. At least for this season anyway. PJ Carlesimo was already with the team on Johnson's staff and already has the respect of his players. Why bring in a new guy mid season and completely start from scratch when you can keep it internal for the rest of the season and see what happens?

Well the decision to keep it internal is really working for now, with the Brooklyn Nets winning 6 of their first 7 games under Carlesimo. Only one of the wins were big wins (Oklahoma City Thunder) but the other wins were against the teams they should have beat which at times they were not doing with Johnson (Bobcats, Cavs, Wizards, Kings, and 76ers). They are playing the type of basketball I was expecting them to play before the season started.

It all starts with their best player and point guard Deron Williams. Under Johnson, Williams was shooting the ball way too much. Now they are running a lot of pick and rolls which is what Williams thrives with as a point guard. Someone who is really benefiting from all these pick and rolls is center Brook Lopez  who is having another great year (with both coaches).

Reggie Evans, is having a very surprising year getting a lot of minutes. He is arguably the best on the boards in the league right now. I love his energy with this team. He has made Kris Humphries very, very expendable. I look for the Nets to try and trade Humphries around the trade deadline to get a deeper bench. Joe Johnson has been playing a lot more consistent as of late as well. He looks to be a lot more aggressive which is what they will need from him when they play better teams. When he just stands around waiting for the ball, this team is not nearly as good. I would still like to see Gerald Wallace be more consistent on offense but I still have no problem with what he brings on the defensive end.

I know it is early and they have not played many tough games under coach Carlesimo, but I think he is definitely deserving of being the coach for the rest of the season. They should definitely play out the rest of the season and see where they are at in the off season. Throwing a big name coach in the fire mid season can cause disaster, just look at what is going on with the Lakers right now.

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  1. I've been surprised with how well they have done under him, but agree that he should at least get the shot for the rest of the year