Joe Flacco Contract Breakdown

March 6, 2013 in Contract Breakdowns

Joe Flacco

Ravens QB Joe Flacco is now the highest paid player in NFL history.

Name:  Joe Flacco

Age:  28

Position:  QB

Awards:  Super Bowl XLVII MVP

Contact Length:  6 years

Total Contract Money:  $120.6 million (NFL record)

Signing Bonus:  $29 million

Guaranteed Money:  $52 million

2013 Base Salary:  $1 million

2013 Cap Hit:  $6.8 million

2014 Base Salary:  $6 million

2014 Cap Hit:  $14.8 million

2015 Base Salary:  $4 million

2015 Cap Hit:  $14.55 million

2016 Base Salary:  $18 million

2016 Cap Hit:  $28.55 million

2017 Base Salary:  $20.6 million

2017 Cap Hit:  $31.15 million

2018 Base Salary:  $20 million

2018 Cap Hit:  $24.75 million

Other important information:  Flacco will make $62 million in the first three years of the deal which is a NFL record.

2 responses to Joe Flacco Contract Breakdown

  1. Crazy numbers. I can't imagine the Ravens would go through 2016 taking a 28 million dollar cap hit. Restructure?

    • That what you would think. Many people are saying that as well. The only things going against that is the Ravens rarely restructure contracts and the cap is expected to increase by then.