About Fanspeak.com

What is Fanspeak.com?

Fanspeak Football is for the diehard Football Fan! Whether you love College Football, NFL, playing Fantasy Football or follow the NFL Draft, we have you covered in various ways!

Fanspeak Football helps fans get their information in 3 main ways:

1. Fanspeak articles – daily articles on Fanspeak.com covering every angle of the football world!

2. Fanspeak Radio Network - Online Radio Station with a variety of show topics

3. Fanspeak FREE Guides – Online magazines that are FREE for fans to download to prepare for the various football seasons & events!

Fanspeak.com Content Manager Steve Shoup, and resident NFL/NFL Draft Expert, is a credentialed member of the media for multiple NFL Draft Scouting Events, to include the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game. His focus is covering the NFL & NFL Draft. Steve’s passion for sports is supreme. He stays up all hours of the night researching sports news, facts and analysis and studying tape on players!  He's been a guest on several The FAN and ESPN Sport Talk Radio affiliates around the country analyzing the NFL & NFL Draft! And now he's loves sharing his analysis with you diehard football fans!

Fanspeak.com was created by Steve and Megan Shoup, a brother and sister who are fanatical sports fans. They decided to take fate into their own hands and start a business venture revolving around their passion. They partnered with Junger Media and developer Jason Unger, and the rest is history.

To contact the Fanspeak.com team, see emails below:

*Fanspeak.com is dedicated to our grandparents, who taught us the value and meaning of being a sports fan.